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  Internal Brake Wheels
  17-26 inch dia. unlimited         widths and color                     combinations as well as          chrome lip!  AVAILABLE    NOW!  On Our exclusive       build projects contact us         today.                          

Glenndyne Design is a small shop with a focus on motorcycle fabrication. Our build projects also rely on our ability to produce award winning paint finishes.  After all, that's where it started.  Without mind blowing paint, you might as well not even build it.   Paint quality is everything!

With that said, we also provide our customers with truly unique parts, like the new "INTERNAL BRAKE 3- PIECE FORGED WHEELS".  This is a true blend of form and function.  The brakes and the rotor assembly are housed inside of the 2 wheel faces.  The caliper bracket is indexed to the axle assembly, which is secured and slotted into the frame adjuster block or lower leg of the front end.  This concept looks like exotic, high performance car wheels from both sides!  The wheels are just another fine example of what Glenndyne is capable of.  Here at GLENNDYNE we reinvent the wheel! We take pride in thinking outside the box. Glenndyne also adds parts to its exclusive production line.  These parts often come from one of our previous one-off build projects.  We take feedback from people like you at the shows, then produce the parts in limited quantities -- parts like the Glamourtramp L.E.D. headlight and the G-bag oil tank.  So keep checking back.  We are adding new parts periodically and look forward to talking with you.

The Glenndyne internal bake wheels have been an expensive and time consuming endeavor.  It has taken over 5 years and lots of money to get where we are now. Glenndyne was awarded multiple U.S. patents and now we're in full production.  Customers can pick from unlimited colors and finishes, making their custom wheels truly one-of-a kind.  The wheels consist of two rotary forged wheel faces that form the pocket for the braking components. The next integral part is the wheel hoop or barrel. This machined section has a built in center flange to join the faces.  This allows the wheels to be bolted together without the typical sealing issues of multi-piece wheels.  Inside the faces is the caliper bracket which transfers brake fluid to the brake via the axle assembly and standard D.O.T fittings.  This is what makes the look of the Glenndyne wheels.  Wheels spinning around the brakes giving the motorcycle a high end one of a kind look.  Be one of the few to "Roll the re-invention of the wheel"

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